Cannot fill password on GOG login page

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  • 1Password doesn't work me at all for login to GOG using Safari on a Mac. I have to copy and paste the password manually.

  • Hi @AdamAnon,

    While the thread you posted in did refer to GOG it was about credit card filling, a very different aspect even though both do relate to filling in the browser.

    I've just taken a peek at and it seems to save and fill a test Login item with no issue. Now their Login page is a popup window so it means that open and fill wouldn't be able to work (you have to load and then click on the LOG IN button). Once the popup window opens though I found it filled.

    My initial suggestion would be to try creating a new Login item, using our How to manually save a Login guide. Does this make any difference?

    I believe it should. If it doesn't can you supply a bit more information about your setup please, that way we can ensure we're testing with the same versions. We would be looking for:

    1. Which version of 1Password you are running
    2. Which version of the 1Password Extension you are running

    Hopefully though the guide will help get things back on track for you :smile:

  • Sorry about posting in the wrong thread:( As you suggested I removed the login from 1Password and I also removed GOG cookies from Safari as well as GOG saved passwords from the OS X Keychain. Then I let 1Password add a new login when I logged in to GOG for the first time and it seems to work now properly now! Thank you!

  • That's great to hear @AdamAnon, I'm glad to hear you have a working Login item once again :smile:

    If you have any other queries or issues with 1Password you know where to find us :smile:

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