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i am having trouble syncing 1password with drop box, i try to sync 1password with Dropbox, it says " downloading encryption keys then I keep getting the following message " 1password will no longer sync because no sync source was found for profile, 1 password has encountered a problem". This all getting to hard for a novice like me. I have one primary vault called "tim" but when I try to sync it with drop box it wants me to sync with a vault called " apps/1password/demo.agilekeychain", this seems to be the only vault sync option Available in 1password, this file is also in drop box and I do not know how to delete it or pick another option to save my vault to. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @tim65,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling frustrated with 1Password right now, I'll do what I can to get things straightened out as soon as possible. First of all, I'll need to know a bit more detail about your 1Password ecosystem:

    • Are you using 1Password on a desktop in addition to the iOS device?
    • Could you please provide the version numbers for all computers and devices currently running 1Password?
    • Because you're writing in the iOS forum, I'm assuming that the error message you're seeing is on the iOS device, but if you could provide the steps that you are taking when you try to sync with Dropbox, we'd have a much better idea of where things are getting tangled up.

    If you're using 1Password 5 for iOS, the instructions for syncing with Dropbox can be found in our User Guide here. Are these the steps you were following?

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