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It happens quite a lot that I am on some random website, bestcomicbooksellerseverintheentireuniverse.com.net.org, and I've selected some items to buy and I'm trying to check out so I unlock the 1Passwd browser extension and search for the credit card I would like to use, I copy the card number and BAM the search result is gone. No worries, I have the cc number in my clipboard so I can paste it in to the web form but now I need to re-open the browser extenstion, re-search for the cc and now copy the CVC2 number then BAM the search result is gone again. Now I have to start over looking for the expiration date. Of course every time I open the browser extension drop-down my password for bestcomicbooksellerseverintheentireuniverse.com.net.org automagically shows up but the cc I want to use to buy the stuff never shows up unless I go searching for it.

Now some might say that I should simply construct a memory palace to hold all of the cc details but I haven't paid my construction union dues in a while so perhaps there's a better way. Wouldn't it be ducky if the 1Passwd browser extension was clever enough to recognize "hey, the user has already searched for, found, and opened an item which contains a bunch of valuable bits of data and the user will likely need to go back-and-forth a few times so I should stay open for a tick, or at least automatically show up in the browser extension drop-down so long as I'm unlocked and the user stays on the webpage." Now that would be a crazy cleaver browser extension.

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  • Hi @bob_smith,

    You might be interested in the ability to anchor the Item Details pane so you don't have to keep doing as you are. Do you see an anchor button in the bottom left hand corner of the Item Details when viewed in 1Password mini? This screenshot should help a bit

    You can click on the anchor button or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘O and it will keep the details page visible until you're finished with it and close it.

    Could that be useful to you?

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