Cannot sync with WiFi

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Because your question is about wifi syncing, I've split your post out to the one about iCloud. I hope you don't Ming, but you should get better help this way.


  • i have not been able to sync my iphone 5s with my pc using wifi. would rather not use drop box . I am using 1password for windows. ver 4.5. Iphone 5s. I see my computer on my phone when trying to sync -but then just get an error message and pressing 'sync' and waiting a minute or so.

  • I don't use wifi syncing, so I'm afraid I can't help. Others certainly will be along to do so, but you could help them by posting back with the version of 1Password you use on your iPhone and your PC, what iOS and OS version you are using, and what the error message says.

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    Hi @pinkyquilt ,

    I'm assuming you've already seen our handy User Guide article on Syncing with Wi-Fi, but just in case, I'll include it here for your reference.

    Could you tell me a little bit more about what this error message says? That could give us a better idea of where things are getting tangled up.

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