Extra precautions to take for document storage in 1Password?

Does anyone take any extra precautions for vaults that contain long term, non-password information, like taxes, medical records, important documents?

If my vault is compromised, I can change my passwords. Someone getting copies of all of these important documents seems like a bigger problem.

So - any ideas to secure these documents beyond the standard advice?


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  • Everything you put into your 1Password database is encrypted and can be accessed only by someone who has your master password. If you have a strong master password, you should have nothing to worry about, no matter what is in there.

    Just to toss this out: there is good information in the documents about creating strong master passwords that is well worth the time to read.

    One more comment. You didn't ask, but 1Password isn't designed to be an all-purpose secure storage application for lots of long documents or many pictures. Its performance will be compromised when syncing to other devices if you do that. There are applications that are designed for that purpose, but I'm knowledgeable about them.

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    Hi @dmj111,

    While hawkmoth covered the first part on the password, he is correct about the storage for important docs. 1Password is not meant to be a comprehensive solution for important files management.

    Are these files required to be accessible from mobile devices or can it only be on Macs? If only on Macs, you might want to try our other product, Knox, here: https://agilebits.com/knox

    For cross-platform tools, you can check out TrueCrypt, VeroCrypt or something like it.

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