Firefox windows vs OSX

Ok, I'm a user of Firefox 4 in OSX, however, I have just recently done some updates to my home computer which is windows, running firefox 4. I feel deprived not having the option of the 1password toolbar like OSX has on firefox. I also feel there could be an autofill function when you arrive to a site, that a popup shows asking for the master password, as applicable to your settings, and then auto fill the fields. Another alternative would be a dropdown box directly in the field box.


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    Of all the Mac and Windows browsers for which 1Password includes extensions, only Firefox on the Mac includes a dedicated 1Password toolbar. (I've disabled it on my own Mac, because the 1Password button and keyboard shortcut provide access to the same functionality without taking up precious screen space.)

    I haven't heard of any plans, at this time, to develop a separate 1Password toolbar for additional browsers.

    As for auto-fill, please see the following articles from the user's guide:

    Thanks for sharing your suggestions, Trebuin!
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