Another one I'm having trouble to fill in - Central Bank of St. Louis

The URL is

1Password tries to put my username down in the find a location field.

It's also one of those logins with a two-page process.

This is also one that "just works" in PasswordWallet because of the "pause character" before the password that lets you wait before the next page is open before continuing the login.

I really like the team here at 1Password and how everybody is trying to be so helpful. I appreciate it. But I'm finding that sites which are anything more than simple username + password are really hard to set up in 1Password vs PasswordWallet.


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  • Hi @douglerner,

    I think we might need a bit more of a description here I'm afraid. I tried creating a Login item using the typical How to manually save a Login guide and my Login consistently fills in the my fake user ID in the personal field. It would seem I'm doing something differently.

  • Thanks, @littlebobbytables but I think I'll take a pause from this for the time being. The special handling for different logins is getting a bit time-consuming. I may return to this later, and appreciate all your hints so far though.



  • Banks are notoriously difficult for us to work with because for our average multi-page login we'll never see what the second page looks like. Usually we can handle the first as that one is nice and easy to test but as most don't allow access to the second until you've passed the first you can understand why we can't often say much about them. Banks also tend to be the ones with zany authentication approaches in contrast to 99% (or possibly more) of the rest of the internet.

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