Notes field in Credit Card

matbicmatbic Junior Member

I use the notes field in a CreditCard entry to hold the on-line verification password (needed every time I use my card on line) also the special telephone banking PIN I need when I phone the bank (not the same as the ATM Pin). I really need these on the Apple Phone or its not much use to me. I would either like to be able to: 1) chose which fields appear in the Apple Watch or 2) have the Notes (or the first few lines if a long note) field appear on the watch. Thanks.

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  • faceface Member

    +1 (also for logins' notes please)

  • chrisdjchrisdj AgileBits Support

    Team Member

    Thanks for the suggestions, @matbic & @face! We've already got the PIN field added for Credit Cards for the next release.

    We'll take the Notes field on items into consideration.

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