Unable to use 1Password to login to cPanel due to popup window rquesting userid/password

There are a number of hosting sites which ask for userid/password in a popup window which does not permit 1Password to enter them. Is this due to a misconfiguration on my part or is 1Password unable to fill the fields on popups like these?

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  • brentybrenty

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    @PatriciaW: Without knowing the sites to be able to test them, it's hard to say for certain...but from my own experience I doubt that this is your fault. Many sites make users jump through a lot of hoops like these because, well...I'm not really sure why in most cases. :lol:

    But often there is a workaround, so if you'll tell me the OS, 1Password, browser, and extension versions you're using, we'll see if we can figure out the best plan of action to either get it working for you, or see if we can improve 1Password going forward. Please let me know what you find! :)

  • PatriciaWPatriciaW Member

    I just noticed that the popup window can be closed (clicking on the x in popup window) and it displays a regular page that 1Password works with. I guess the problem was mine ... other sites just let you go directly to the cPanel login page without the popup. Thanks.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi @PatriciaW.

    Glad you were able to figure out how to get 1Password working with the cPanel login. Thanks for letting us know and if you have any further trouble there or anywhere else we'll be here to help. Cheers!

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