Handelsbanken Login [1Password cannot click randomized buttons to login]


Does anyone here bank with Handelsbanken and use their "Quick Login"? https://secure.handelsbanken.com/bb/glss/servlet/ssco_auth2?appAction=doAuthentication&path=ssse&entryId=privpkodgb&language=en&country=GB

I'm unable to inject the passcode through the page. Any thoughts?




  • brentybrenty

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    @jules_jules: I hope you don't mind, but I've moved this discussion to the browser filling category of the forums.

    Unfortunately 1Password is not able to 'fill' the passcode, as the site requires that you click each number — not to mention that they move around each time! Since these kinds of shenanigans don't actually help you be more secure, I'd encourage you to contact the bank and encourage them to rethink their login process. After all, a 6 digit passcode is going to be a lot easier to crack than a random, 20+ character password you can create with 1Password. So this is really just a hassle for customers.

    Until such a time as they change this, I'm afraid you'll have to play their Minesweeper clone in order to login. :(

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