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When selecting the login credentials for Gmail, the login entries in the Chrome extension are not in alphabetical order. It's a small gripe, but I have a few logins saved for Gmail (more than 4) and it has become a small irritation to have to click the "Show more items" each time to fill in the username, then again for the password, for an entry that should be at the top of the list. It used to be ordered alphabetically, but somehow changed (new version of extension?).

I tried removing the extension and re-installing, but it still does the same. Is there a "more comprehensive" way to remove the extension other than using Chrome's remove extension function? Do you think this might work?

In the 1Password desktop application the items are ordered alphabetically and display correctly.

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OS Version: Windows 8.1 x64
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  • Update.
    I have found that the Chrome extension does not order the logins by the title that you have provided, but rather by the URL. For example, if my title reads " | aaaa" with a URL of "" and I have another entry of " | zzzz" with a URL of "" the " | zzzz" entry will appear above the " | aaaa" entry even though that it not alphabetically correct {by title).

    It sounds like a bug to me as I would expect it to order by title, and not by URL.

  • Hi @alanper,

    This isn't a bug but the intended behaviour, let me explain our reasoning.

    When you invoke 1Password mini with a browser in focus we assume, as you want us to, that you want to fill. If you have a page open we attempt to fill based on that URL but specifically the full domain e.g. Now the accounts is the subdomain but of course we need to consider that too and so and are different. So we do alphabetical ordering of the items based on their title but only after we've accounted for the domain.

    I have a post where I talk about favourites but in relation to what we're talking about here. I think that post, along with the images, will hopefully explain everything. The post can be found here.

    Essentially though we first sort by the full domain, then by title although title ordering is affected by the favourite flag.

    Let us know what you think :smile:

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