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1Password works so well and is indispensable with other sites, but when it comes to the desktop pictures site Digital Blasphemy, 1Password asks if I want to save the login, but it never does.
I just deleted *five* digitalblasphemy.com logins.
I know this doesn't help much, but what would be the problem? Why won't it save the login so I don't have to look it up every time?


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    Hey Pengman,

    I'm sorry that you are having trouble. I'm not sure from your description whether 1Password is not saving the login — "…1Password asks if I want to save the login, but it never does." — or that five were saved — "I just deleted *five* … logins."

    Perhaps they are being saved but not showing up in 1Password? Please try clearing the cache in 1Password (Help > Troubleshooting > Clear Cache) and let me know if that helps.

    Otherwise, please let me know more precisely what the problem is. I would love to help resolve it.

  • Cleared the cache (and to really try it cleared my Firefox cache) and it worked!
    Then my Agile sign-in wouldn't work. :-)
    Does now though.
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    I think that means things are working well...

    If I have misunderstood or you begin to have problems again, please let us know. We are always here to help! :-)
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