Chrome 1Password Button Consistency

Hi 1Passworders,

Just a nitpicking request and comment about the Chrome 1Password extensions icon on the Chrome Toolbar. I noticed straight away that it was different to the FF and IE buttons. Any reason? I am a man of consistency, so was just wanting to add a comment to say it'd be nice if it was the "1P" round blue icon as found in the other Browsers. It makes sense, no? And if you really want to go full nitpick: it'd be super nice if when unlocked it was blue, and when locked it was dull/greyed out. How cool would that be? Instant visual recognition of the status of 1P.

Thanks for listening.


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    It's even less consistent than you describe. :D In Firefox, it's a white "1P" on a blue circle; in Internet Explorer, it's our full-color icon; in Chrome, it's a single-color key.

    The differences are partly due to the different capabilities of the various browsers, and partly so that the 1Password button fits the "look" of the toolbars into which it's being inserted.

    I absolutely trust our design guru to give us the best looking UI elements possible in each context.

    That said, all our extensions for Mac and Windows browsers may be affected by work we're doing to bring them into closer harmony in terms of look and functionality. I don't have any information about what sort of changes might be coming or when we might see them.

    Thanks for your patience!
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    Okay, fair enough. I can understand trying to fit the look of a certain browser. I think the main flaw of that policy though is that the Chrome button as it is right now could be doesn't identify itself with 1Password in any way. It's just a key that means nothing. But the changes you've mentioned sound promising. Thanks :)
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