Multi page log-in problem

I'm a new user and have successfully used 1P on several of my accounts. But, I'm having a problem logging into my Health Savings account at:

The login procedure requires me to first enter a user ID on one page, press submit, and then enter a password on the following page. I can't figure out how to get 1P to furnish the User ID. If I enter the user ID manually and go to the Password page 1P will enter the password and complete the log-in. I've tried manually entering the user ID into 1P but that didn't solve the problem.


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    Welcome to the forums, RV Gypsy!

    Please take a look at our "How to create multi-page Logins" guide. Note that you may need to manually save each step of the process like this:

    1. Enter your username and/or password, but DO NOT submit the form.
    2. Click the 1Password button in your browser's toolbar, and choose Save Login.
    3. Set the Action field to Create New Login (or to Replace <login-name>, to update an existing Login item).
    4. Click the Save button.

    Please let me know how it turns out.

  • RV GypsyRV Gypsy
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    Thanks! Followed the instructions and it worked.
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Awesome! Thanks for letting me know. :-)

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