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Hi Guys,

thanks for an awesome software product. Am using the desktop and the mobile/pad version and am very happy with both of them.

Today I have two feature requests for future versions:

1) I find myself adding data into 1password that is "another kind of account": accounts with the electricity company, for example, Airline frequent flyer cards, Paypal etc. The confusion comes in for me when I see them as "Accounts", but 1password only seems them as "Logins". They are more for me than just log-ins, even though most of them do have a website where I would log in to see my client data and to download statements etc. In the left side bar under "Accounts", though, I can only add computer related types of accounts, like servers and email accounts etc. I'd find it more practical it if you could interpret the concept of an "Account" in a more general way and add more account type selection options in the "add new item" box under Accounts, like "Household", "Online payment", "Insurances", something like that. For the wallet section, I am missing the option to add a health insurance card and a card that shows my blood type. That's a minor issue for me, but still, I picked "Memership" now to add my blood type card info. Possible, but irksome in a way.

2) The second big wish that I have is that I would love to be able to actually see an image file that I attach to an entry within the application, for example to see those stupid bank codes they give you to confirm a transaction. Usually it is a sheet or a card of some kind that you have to store at home or keep in your wallet (what a silly idea). Right now I have added that as a JPG image to my online banking login entry (which is the only place where I really need it, anyway. Thanks 1password for keeping my home and wallet clutter free). But in order to see it, I have to doubleclick the icon in the entry, which then launches the file in an external image viewer (in my case that is photoshop, which I have set up to launch JPG files) That of course takes pretty long. Not just the clicking, but the waiting of the software to open. I think there is enough space in the interface to have a cell or section that loads the image and shows it right there, even if only in small, and then have the option to enlarge it via resizing of the app window. A bit like images behave that are dragged into Excel table cells.

Hope that made sense. I'd be very happy if these 2 things were somehow possible in a future version of 1password. Otherwise, all in all I'm very happy with everything else.

Oh, one more thing if I may... ;) The interface on the iPad is different to the desktop version, with those screws on that metal plate that holds the sidebar. Brand consistency for me is important for a company that makes products I own which I want to give me a feeling of strength, reliability, consistency and quality. The "strength" that the little nuts and bolts in the iPad interface communicate, seems childish and a bit helpless compared to the adult strength that a consistent 3 or 4 screen interface communicates, that is the same on all devices. You don't find the "Deutsche Bank" using illustrated nuts and bolts in their mobile application to show how strong and secure it is on the iPad. That would make their brand untrustworthy. It greatly improves usability to use an "icon on a shelf or in a box" metaphor to make these abstract login and account information pieces tangible and provide faster visual access. And that is the main added value why I bought 1password. But decorating the surface of those boxes to make them look like metal, that's not doing much good and looks more like "an illusion of security", like in the circus, where you have wood that is painted like metal, to create worlds of illusion. Maybe good for some companies, but for me that's a reduction in brand value of the software that I like and trust. Just my 5 cents.

Thanks for reading


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    Welcome to the forums, Petra! Thanks for the kind words and feedback. :-)

    Your first suggestion sounds like something that may be helped out by using folders and/or tags to organize the various items. Also consider Smart Folders. Have you tried that yet? I think it may be what you are looking for.

    Here's a funny anecdote: I honestly thought there was already a "Health Insurance" Wallet item. I had to double-check. The generic "Membership" Wallet item has worked so well for me that I didn't even realize. (I do make use of the Notes field.) We are looking at adding custom templates, though, which I think may help you in this regard.

    Regarding image attachments, if you are using Snow Leopard you can select the image and press the Space bar on your keyboard just like you can in Finder to invoke Quick Look for the image. (Unfortunately, there was no public API in Leopard for Quick Look, so it will not work there.)

    I will pass along your design critique to our designer. There are some really good designs for future releases he has been working on. ;-)

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.

    We are always here to help!
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    khad wrote:
    (Unfortunately, there was no public API in Leopard for Quick Look, so it will not work there.)

    I never remember that... thanks for the reminder

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