I have a family license for 1Password 3 but need to get licenses on 2 of my machines for 1Password 5

Somehow, I also have two individual licenses for 1Password 3

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  • Hi @scottsimons,

    Thanks so much for your support of 1Password! To get a license for 1Password 5, you'll want to enter your current license information on our upgrade page to see the discount you're eligible for.

    It's important to note that our licensing terms have changed since 1Password 3, so an individual license will now cover up to six members of the same household. This means that the 'family license' is no longer available, but the individual license is a lot more powerful. :)

    I hope this answers your questions, but we're here if there's anything else you need!

    ref: 75485

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    perfect, done

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