Firefox 39.0.3: no right-click option for 1P4

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It's also not in the main firefox browser windows either (right-click 1P context menu). But at least I have the icon in the toolbar to fill in passwords in the main browser tabs.

I could not customize the toolbar in the firefox popup window.

I tried to go to the firefox 'addons' window and see if additional settings can be set there for 1P extension. No luck there. (no settings option).

So with no right-click context, how was I supposed to fill in the password without access to the icon for that tab/window?

Firefox 39.0.3


Google chrome has the right-click menu option (44.0.2403.155 m (64-bit)):

1Password Version: (12)
Extension Version: 4.4.2
OS Version: 6.1.7601 SP 1 (win7 x64)
Sync Type: dropbox


  • Greetings @4EverMaAT,

    Could you try uninstalling the 1Password Firefox Extension please, quitting Firefox and then installing the extension again. I'm unsure as to the exact cause so I'm hoping this will work around whatever is happening.

  • Hello @4EverMaAT,

    So I have a couple of quick questions.

    1. Is there a reason why you're still on Firefox 39? The current version is Firefox 40.0.2 and I know we've had trouble in the past with Google Chrome if an update is pending (it interferes with the extension). Normally we hear this in relation to Google Chrome but maybe the same applies to Firefox.
    2. If there is specific site that this is required for, is this issue just with this site? For example if you visit somewhere as simple as Twitter, what works and what doesn't? If it turns out it's unique to this site and you were happy to post the URL we could test and see for ourselves.
  • Hi @4EverMaAT,

    Sorry about that, I've been a bit sluggish today and I had your post loaded in a tab before your post going into more detail about the site in question. So my answer might make a bit more sense when you discover I was replying to the post about uninstalling and installing the 1Password Firefox Extension.

    With the URL I can now replicate the issue that you're experiencing. Unfortunately I don't know enough about the browser specific implementation details connected to the function which is what is opening the new window. I think I will need to speak to a developer before I understand why behaviour differs here.

    I may have a workaround though. The keyboard shortcut ctrl + alt + \ opens the 1Password menu and I found that with this window in focus I could bring up the menu, 1Password recognise where I am and I could select a discus Login item and have it fill, even with all the odd behaviour you're experiencing. I would say it is worth trying to see if you find the same.

    Regarding Firefox. Personally I would recommend letting Firefox update as and when it wants to. You're quite right, there was an issue with the old 1Password 3 Firefox Extension and Firefox 40 but this was in part because the old extension was retired some time ago and compatibility has not been maintained. This isn't the case with the 1Password 4 branch as it's the current one and needs to work with all the stable browsers.

  • Hi @4EverMaAT,

    Given the trouble you're having with both Firefox and Chrome it might be worth creating a new Login item from scratch by following our Saving a Login manually guide. If you create this Login item from the small pop-up window you'll want to adjust step 3. to use the alt + ctrl + \ keyboard shortcut. In my testing I had no issues filling in on this page once the issue of the missing toolbar was bypassed. That part by the way is set by the page opening the pop-up window as are many other aspects e.g. the URL bar can be removed as well.

    Other aspects will depend greatly on what support and quirks each browser has. I am no where near knowledgable enough on these differences to confidently comment on them so it will be up to the developers to investigate.

  • Just as long as you realise that the issue of the Login item not filling or even being recognised as being applicable seems to be something specific to your setup. I can create a Login item that fills in Firefox for disqus (which does include ctrl + \ it seems). If you want to investigate why this isn't working on your machine let us know.

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