Installing the 1Password 3 browser extention when not showing in Firefox

Today I purchased a license to upgrade to 1Password 5 from the Mac Store. I decided to upgrade when I noticed this morning that my old version of 1Password 3 was no longer showing up in the Firefox browser. I checked the actual Mac app, which I have but never open, and got a message that my free trial has expired. Although I was sure I remembered purchasing 1Password back in 2013, upon digging into my account today, as best as I can tell, I have been using the free trial (with full features!) since 2013. Okay, so I decide to upgrade and go legit, no big deal. However, I cannot follow the uninstall steps to removed the 1 Password 3 Firefox extension because I that extension is no longer showing up in my installed toolbar items. Can you please provide guidance here? Thanks in advance.

1Password Version: 3 and 5
Extension Version: ?
OS Version: Yosemite
Sync Type: Dropbox
Referrer: kb:mac-app-store-vs-agilebits-store, kb-search:upgrading from old free trial, kb-search:upgrading from 1password 3 free trial, kb:trial-expired, kb:uninstall-v3-extension


  • Greetings @halsey_,

    As you're on a Mac I find the easiest way to uninstall a Firefox extension is to use the keyboard shortcut ⇧⌘A (which will take you to about:addons) and then click on the Extensions item in the list on the left hand side. This will show you the entire list of extensions you have installed in Firefox and opposite the old 1Password Firefox Extension there will be a Remove button. When you next close down Firefox it will finalise the removal and that should be everything you need to do inside the browser.

    If you have any troubles at all please do let us know.

    Now regarding your licence. If you strongly think you purchased a licence back in 2013 we can work with you to see what we can find out. I did check for any records connected to the email address you use here in the forums but there was nothing in our system. If you'd like us to check just send us an email to [email protected] with a quick note explaining the situation and a list of any email address you might have used and we can look into it for you :smile:

  • The main issues was that I wasn't able to do the "Ensure all your browser Logins have been saved in 1Password" step here: with the extension being non-functional. But I checked some of my more recent additions were saved in the desktop app and that looked okay, so I went ahead and uninstalled the extension. At this point I have 1Password 5 up and running great (both desktop app and new browser extensions) so no problems there.

    Re: the old license–I'm pretty sure I never had one and that thinking I did was the result of my faulty memory, because I searched all of my emails and never found a receipt. Happy to pay for a legit license as I am a long time user who relies heavily on 1Password for my work and personal life. That being said, I somehow used a 30 day free trial for 2 years so you might want to look into that :D


  • Hi @halsey_,

    Yes... the recent change within Firefox 40 does make those instructions tough to follow. Thank you for pointing that out to us, I have notified the docs team that we will need a modification to the Firefox section.

    Now if you were a happy 1Password 4 user for much of the two years you're referring to we did fix a bug where 1Password 4 was not very forthcoming shall we say about the end of the trial. That's completely our fault and we can't expect any of our loyal customers to know they need a new licence unless we inform them. It turns out that covered a few people!

    We always love hearing how much people use 1Password so thank you, you wouldn't have stayed a long timer user unless we were doing something right and I hope you find 1Password 5 as worthy as you did 1Password 3 :smile:

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