Password field won't fill on Citibank site

Since I downloaded v4 on my iMac, I haven't been able to sign onto the Citibank site. The user name will appear, but no password. I've tried to delete the log-in info several times, both in the mini and main 1P app buttons. Won't work no matter what, though. What can I do? (OS 10.8.5)/ all browsers

1Password Version: 4.4.3
Extension Version: 4.4.2
OS Version: OS 10.8.5
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • Greetings @bkatz,

    I've tried both 1Password 4 and 5 to see what happens. Have you tried creating a Login item using our How to manually save a Login guide yet? Banks are usually a bit of a pain for a variety of reasons but I believe a Login item created in 1Password 4 (1Password 5 uses a new approach which we're still tweaking) should work. The issue with their site normally isn't the password but the username as the site likes to muck about with it using JavaScript. So I would check the username that is stored doesn't include asterisks.

    Let us know how you get along :smile:

  • Yes, I did try the manual log-in (and I was careful to avoid using asterisks), without success. I'm wondering whether, for security reasons, Citi is blocking any auto-fill features. I'll just go old school on this site. Maybe a different strategy will come up down the line. Thanks again for the quick response.

  • Greetings @bkatz,

    Now I think Citi have a number of URLs representing login pages, I was testing the main page at so maybe I've been checking out the wrong one?

  • No, that's the one I've been using. Interesting things are: I didn't have any trouble with v3. And v4 puts in my User Name every time, it's just the password field it leaves blank. The first time I changed my password and did a manual log-in for Citi, it worked -- but that was the only time.

  • Hi @bkatz,

    Maybe a difference in browsers? I was testing in Safari. It's the only factor we've not considered so far.

  • When the problem first appeared, I tried Firefox (38.2), Safari (6.2.7) and Chrome ( 44.0.2403.157 (64-bit)) with no luck. Since then, I've been using only Firefox.

  • Hi @bkatz,

    Let's try comparing Login items. This is the item created in my testing.

    I then tweaked the web form details section so that it more appropriately recorded the correct details. I didn't alter the fields, I just adjusted which web form field represented the username and password (see below).

    Now the tweaks were for my edification, both filled both the username and password seemingly as well when I was on the Citi page at

    Does anything stand out as different with yours?

  • Nope, it all looks the same. I just confirmed that the user name and password in the app are correct. I just noticed that if I open 1P (app or toolbar) and go to the Passwords list, Citi isn't there. The User Name is there in both, and the Name and Password are listed in the app Log-in function. Seems to me there's a missing step somewhere. I'm hoping there's a way to easily fix it. It's no big deal to enter the log-in stuff manually, but I'd prefer to let 1P handle it.

    Hey: Thanks again for all the time you've put into this. I really appreciate it.

  • Greetings @bkatz,

    I think we've covered as much as we can without delving a bit deeper. I think we should go for a diagnostic report so we have a better idea of your browsers and environment and take it from there, hopefully that sounds like a reasonable plan.

    I would like you to create a Diagnostic Report please. This guide will assist.

    Please do not post your Diagnostics Report in the forums

    The email address you will want to use is [email protected].

    When sending the diagnostic report to the address above it would help immensely if you could include a link to this thread and your forum handle so we can connect the two.

    Once you've sent the report a post here with the ticket ID will help us to keep an eye out for it. With access to the report we should be able to better assist you :smile:

  • Finally got a chance to respond. I sent the report just now. Thanks again for the help.

  • Greetings @bkatz,

    I tried searching our ticket system for the email address you use here in the forums but it came up blank. If somebody hasn't already responded to you could you post the ticket ID here please as it will allow us to locate it :smile:

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