[RESOLVED] iCloud: Failed to Fetch Some Record Zones / Failed to Enable iCloud

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Late last night we started receiving reports from you fine folks that you were encountering issues syncing with iCloud in 1Password for iOS. First, let me say we're really sorry about the trouble you're having if you've encountered this. I started investigating as soon as I heard about it this morning and here's what I was able to gather.


We didn't change anything in 1Password last night, but we also don’t have all the information we need to reliably determine where the problem lies. We are in contact with Apple while investigating the issue. It presents itself differently depending on a few things:

  1. The initial symptoms likely showed for existing users as items not syncing or updating.
  2. For new users, iCloud syncing would just fail to setup with the error message "Failed to enable iCloud".
  3. For users who disabled iCloud syncing and tried to re-enable it, they'd see "Failed to Fetch Some Record Zones".

1Password for Mac seems to sync properly to other Macs. It's only 1Password for iOS that is affected by this.

The error in the log files seems to indicate that 1Password 5 for iOS no longer has permission to access the CloudKit container (the place we sync to in iCloud). We didn't change anything in the CloudKit control panel, so it wasn't caused by us directly as far as we can tell.


Alternative sync solutions like Wi-Fi Sync and Dropbox continue to function. Again, this issue only affects iCloud syncing in 1Password for iOS. We can assist you in getting things switched over if you would like some help.

Receive updates on this issue

I've filed a report with Apple, and I'm awaiting information from them to either tell where we went wrong or that it's something on their side. We'll update you all here as we learn more. You can subscribe to email updates about this issue by clicking the star in the upper right:

Thank you for your patience and understanding, I'm here with you until we get this resolved for you all.


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    We're receiving word from users, and I can confirm myself, that iCloud sync is now working again. At least some of you should be able to sync again. Please let us know if you encounter any trouble.

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    Looks like we are all back up and running now and we'll be marking this as resolved.

    Thank you again everyone for your patience and understanding while this was happening. We really do appreciate it.

    If you ever need any help in the future please don't hesitate to let us know.

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