Purchased 1password in bundle...where do I get the license file?

I purchased 1Password 3.5.9 back in 2011 as part of a MacUpdate bundle they were offering. I recently wanted to try and use it. I know it has been a long time...I didn't buy the bundle specifically for 1Password. When I click on the link to download the program from the email I got from MacUpdate it downloads 1Password 5. I have been attempting to install and register it, but it requires a license file.

My first question is once you purchase 1Password...besides minor updates, do you get the updates to the newest versions when they become available?

My second question is how do i get the license file to register this program? I have my license number but not the file which it requires before I put I link the license file.



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  • @zws397 I deleted what appeared to be an incomplete version of this post and left just this one so it's easier for you to find the responses.

    The first point to make is that the upgrade from 1P3 to 1P4 was paid, not free. Further both 1P4 and 1P5 use a licence file rather than a licence key. Minor version upgrades for 1P (e.g., 1P5.3 to 1P5.4) are usually free but major version upgrades (e.g., 1P3 to 1P4) are usually, but not invariably charged (the upgrade from 1P4 to 1P5 was actually free).

    There's another thing I should make clear. You can buy 1P for Mac either from the Mac App Store or direct from the AgileBits store. There are two things to bear in mind:

    1. If you ever want to use iCloud to sync 1P data between your Mac and iPhone you must buy 1P from the Mac App Store because the version from the AgileBits store doesn't support iCloud sync (following changes made by Apple on the launch of OS X Yosemite). Both versions support sync of 1P data by either local wifi or Dropbox.
    2. You're probably entitled to an upgrade discount if you buy from the AgileBits store because you have a licence key for 1P3. That discount won't be available if you buy from the Mac App Store.

    All that said, if you go to this page you'll be able to enter your licence key to see what upgrade options are available to you if you buy 1P5 from AgileBits.


  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    I would add to Stephen's reply that 1PW5 is Yosemite only, I think.

    If you go to AgileBits download page, at the bottom is a Legacy section, which allows you to download 1PW4 and 1PW3. 1PW3 still works in Yosemite, but does have limitations.

  • Hi @zws397,

    Hopefully you've found danco and Stephen_C's answers informative. As they've covered, your licence key for 1Password 3 is still valid and you can find 1Password 3 in the Legacy section of our AgileBits Download page. If you're running a newer version of OS X you can run 1Password 5 using the 30 day trial to see if you like it enough to warrant purchasing the upgrade from 1Password 3 to 1Password 5 or you can use just 1Password 3. If you do though please read the following page, 1Password 3 extension missing in Firefox 40 or later as active development on 1Password 3 was discontinued some time ago and we're beginning to see cracks in compatibility as OS X and the browsers advance forward.

    If you have any other questions at all please do ask.

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