1Password mini animations slow down operations

Hi all
I have been using 1Password for years, and it's awesome. I find myself using constantly the 1Password mini extension for retrieving logins outside safari, and it's rather handy. One problem I am having is that the unlock animation and the search are a bit slow, so when searching the interface resizes every time I type a letter, and it wastes time. I know it sounds ridiculous but after some time it becomes annoying.

Please consider avoiding the search animation, or make it a lot faster. Thanks a lot.

1Password Version: 5.3.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.10.5
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Hello @Mc128k,

    It's pretty smooth for me but I did recently upgrade from mid 2009 MacBook Pro so the new machine should be pretty swift.

    To gain a better perspective could you give us an idea of what machine you're running on and roughly the size of your vault. I'm just wondering if it's something fundamental to our design or if maybe something else is wrong and this is one of the symptoms.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables
    I am using a Retina13 MBP, 2014, i7. The vault is 35MB. The animation time is minimum, but I work rapidly with the keyboard, and the lag could be removed. I think the problem is that when the interface resizes it puts keystrokes on queue, or something like that.

  • Greetings @Mc128k,

    Now I'm not trying to trivialise your issue, but how long are the delays? Are they roughly in the 1 second ballpark and this just feels way too slow for your normal workflow or is it a lot longer than that? As I say, my goal isn't to discount your request but it's about understanding what might be done. Currently we redraw the menu for two reasons. One is when the search term eliminates an entire category as being applicable and we remove it from the view. We could disable/grey it out instead although I don't know if that would be a lot faster or not. The other reason we redraw is because we don't use a fixed length list for the results and instead leave it dynamic to cope for scenarios where there is ten matching items or simply one. If we keep the redraw for that section would the fact that we redraw the categories make any difference? I don't pose that as a question aimed at you but one I would need to ask the developers. The more accurate my understanding the better I can represent your position. I hope that makes sense :smile:

  • Hi @littlebobbytables
    The delay is about 0.4s for the first letters. This sounds paranoid because it actually is, and I still consider 1Password an excellent software, but I write a lot and with a high speed. It looks sluggish compared to the rest of the computer.

    In the following video (mind the low quality) you can see the difference, I first typed in a note and then in 1Password mini with the exact speed. There is a difference.

  • I might add that a possible solution (to be verified obviously) is to keep the list the same size while the user is writing, and then adapt it. Elements in the list can be refreshed without waiting for the user interface.

  • Hi @Mc128k,

    Thank you for the video. Now just to make sure the request I put together would help I do have one question. As a non-programmer I would assume that if we were to wait for the user to stop typing it would be a case of setting a timer where if there is another key press within this allotted time that they're still typing. If the timer finishes without another key press the user has stopped typing. There might be a better solution but I can't think what it might be given it's based on user input. My one concern there is would a delay here not be annoying to you as well or is it the case that you always type enough characters so the result listed is always limited to a small enough number of results that you hope to avoid waiting for a interface refresh completely?

  • I understand the issue here, in fact it's not easy to make it just right. I believe that a timer should be the correct solution, and then (to minimize UI lag) a faster animation to expand/shrink the list. The list should be updated dynamically if possible, and then the UI gets resized if nothing is typed in a short time.

  • Hi @Mc128k,

    Okay, I think I understand. Now I can't make any promises but we do consider every request.

  • I totally agree with Mc128, I've being using 1Password for years, and the think that would make it much greater for me is if I could totally eliminate all the animations on the mini, I type pretty fast, and I always try to hit "enter" just after and the animation delay is pretty annoying over time...

    What you think about giving the users an option to just disable the animations entirely?

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @Wilker Lucio,

    Thanks for your feedback about that, we definitely appreciate it! :) I can't make any promises, but I can let our developers know you'd like to be able to disable the animations.

  • Just make them faster, animations look nice and more natural : )

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni


  • @Mc128k I usually like animations as well, but the one for auto-complete on the mini I would like to get rid entirely, because on a fast typing place like that I would prefer my results to be available as fast as possible, animations here a drag IHMO, and that's why I think an option to disable would be great, that's not to say that would be good to have that an also faster animations to the ones who like it.

  • @Wilker Lucio Have you read my proposal? This would not get rid of all animations while keeping the UI fast

  • @Mc128k yes I did, and just adding to it, the "timer" that you guys where talking about, I believe the technical term would be "debounce", you want to "debounce" a few milliseconds (that means, the input has to "rest" for at least that time) until it starts animating, so that way you don't stop the user input while it's occurring, and I agree that is a great addition and improvement over the current one, that said, I have a very good feeling when having instant feedback while typing, and that's why I would like the option to disable the animations.

  • Hi @Mc128k,

    I've found something that might suggest the 1Password beta (available from our AgileBits Download page or by enabling the Include beta builds option in the Updates tab of 1Password's preferences) has already improved on this. I don't know the nature of the improvement at the moment but if you're running the AgileBits Store version it might be of interest to see if you notice any difference. It won't be based on anything we've discussed so far but your opinion either way on this would be informative.

    If you did try the beta out you only have to do so temporarily. Moving the copy of the 1Password application from your /Applications/ folder to your Trash and then downloading a fresh copy of the stable from our AgileBits Download page would revert you back to the stable, with the only action needed after that being to ensure beta builds weren't being included in the update check.

    ref: OPM-2055

  • The beta solves this problem, it's exactly what I meant. Maybe the results should be immediately updated (or make it faster), and then the interface resized, but this is a nice progress. Great work!

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    I'm glad to hear that helps, @Mc128k! Thanks for trying out the beta to test the animation. Perhaps we can make even more improvements there in future versions.

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