Generating strong passwords

First off sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section.

I have just bought 1password for my mac and trying it out on my android device as well.

I'm wondering if it's advised to change all my passwords that I created for websites to the 1password generated passwords.

I have done this for a few sites that I'm not to bothered about so far but I'm very unsure about doing it for more important sites that hold my secure information.

Although I realise these generated passwords are very secure, Im worried about having to rely on 1password for the only place that holds these generated passwords that i would not remember myself.

I do have a few passwords such as apple Id and Dropbox that I will keep in my head only.

If I do change to generated passwords should I at least keep notes of my usernames in case of the worst case scenario.

Hope you can see where I'm coming from!

Thanks very much

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  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    I'm worried about having to rely on 1password for the only place that holds these generated passwords that i would not remember myself.

    The biggest reason to use 1Password is just exactly so you do not have to remember any of your passwords, except for the master password to get into your vault. Now, most folks do keep a few passwords in their heads, just in case 1Password should not be available when they need to get access to a critical site. For me, those password are for my Apple ID, for my main email account, and for my Dropbox account, where I sync my 1Password data to keep my Mac and iOS devices coordinated. But I don't remember any others. You should feel similarly confident.

    But do be 100% sure you have a really strong master password and that you remember it. Write it down and store it in a secure location - a safe or safe deposit box, for example. Never carry that with you.

    Also, since you are new, be sure to read this: How do I choose a good Master Password.

  • Many thanks, I may just start changing a few more passwords at a time and like you just keep my critical passwords like apple and Dropbox separate.

  • Greetings @telUK,

    As you can imagine, I unsurprisingly fully endorse the use of crazily complex passwords everywhere but sometimes people do need the ability to remember passwords outside of just 1Password for reasons of assurance. I'm not as concerned as my vault is on multiple devices meaning I feel confident I will always have access. The reality is if I cannot access my vault I'm completely screwed. I use a unique email address for each place I visit so 1Password isn't just remembering complex passwords, it's also remembering what I need to recover a password. No vault would literally mean no possibility of regaining access. That's how much trust I place in 1Password.

    For passwords that you want to also remember in your head, may we suggest something like a Diceware Passphrase? With enough words it gives you strong security whilst also being far easier to remember than v3aL9hwZNt%/2%n2$mvc (a password I had 1Password generate). As long as you practice remembering them you could probably store a couple of Diceware passphrases in your head without too much hassle.

    Is there a reason to not also store these passwords in 1Password though?

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