Having separate accounts (not vaults) for work and person, accessible on one machine?

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I'm interested in having a personal and work account for 1Password. My company has an enterprise account with 1Password and provides all employees with accounts. Due to the nature of our work I am forbidden from logging into my work 1Password account from a personal computer. But, now using 1Password at work, I now really want to have a personal account to store my own non-work passwords. But I realized that I would have no way to access them while at work! There I am logged into the work account (and I haven't tried logging out yet -- it was set up by IT and I'm not positive I'd be able to get back in).

So, is there a viable way for me to use 1Password in the method I'm describing?

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    @akowalz: I think there might be some confusion. You don't have an 'account' with 1Password/AgileBits. If 'logging in' to a remote server or something similar is what your IT department is concerned about, then this is a non-issue. You 1Password data is only stored on your device unless you transmit it elsewhere.

    And to be clear, a 1Password for Mac license entitles you to use it on any Mac — work or personal — so you shouldn't need more than one regardless. I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions, and if you can clarify the situation a bit more I'll see what I can do to help! :)

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