Wifi Sync Error between Yosemite 10.10.4 and iPhone6PLUS V.8.4.1

Hello AgileBits team,
I got a new MacBook approximately 2 Month ago and a new phone see the versions in the title. Since then I have a syncing issue. I do syncing only over my secured wifi and don't want to use any cloud service. The error message is as followed: "Sync Problem -- The operation couldn't be completed. Operation timed out." So I decided to check your website and found the reporting tool on your website. Now I'm curious to know if it will not run with a McAfee installed. As you can see below I have copied you the two warnings out of the report I think that could have been the issues. It is a company laptop and I can not deinstall McAfee unfortunately. I tried to get rid of the McAfee process during running the PC and getting rid of my internet connection in the meanwhile, however without success. Even "kill -9 " did NOT work. Please, see the errors below from your report and please help me to get my devices synced if possible.

_Warning 1Password Auto-Submit Script is not installed for the Mac App Store version. Auto-Submit (pressing the login button) may not work on all sites. This has nothing to do with filling.
Warning McAfee Virus Scanner for Mac is installed and running. This could cause Extension issues after wakeup from sleep. Only known solution is to remove McAfee.

Thank you.

1Password Version: 5.3
Extension Version: 5.3 (530029)
OS Version: 10.10.4
Sync Type: Wifi


  • Btw. during the sync trial the Mac is listening on the appropriate ports:
    $ netstat -an |grep 57232
    tcp46 0 0 .57232 *. LISTEN
    tcp4 0 0 .57232 *. LISTEN

  • Hello @syntic,

    I don't know McAfee on Mac but if it performs any firewall duties or interacts with the built-in OS X firewall then it could be interfering. We use Bonjour for the device discovery of the process and then a direct connection between the two. Now all inbound/outbound connections between 1Password mini and your iOS device should all be to private IP addresses behind the router and normally these sorts of connections are allowed.

    1. Is McAfee providing a firewall feature?
    2. Are you able to configure this or test by disabling just the firewall component?
    3. If McAfee doesn't have a firewall, how do you have the OS X firewall set up? You can view the settings in System Preferences > Security & Privacy then select the Firewall tab and click the Firewall Options... button. If Block all incoming connections is enabled that could easily be the cause.

    Hopefully something there helps but if not please do let us know :smile:

  • Yes, McAfee provides a firewall feature.
    It uses the firewall from the McAfee Client that I can not turn off :(. The OSX Firewall is not used on my system.

  • Hi @syntic,

    Can McAfee's firewall be configured at all by you or is the service completely tied down? Could IT services be open to the idea of testing to see if it is the McAfee firewall and whitelisting 1Password if that's the case?

  • Thanks all the issue is solved. I got the administrator team to disable my FW on the McAfee and it worked immediately. I didn't thought it was the FW in first place as it was listening on the ports it should be, however after disabling the FW it works. Unfortunately if I want to sync between the devices I need to open a ticket with the administrator team to disable the McAfee FW. :blush:

  • Hi @syntic,

    I don't know much about the firewall in McAfee but if it's possible to add an exclusion for the 1Password application that might be all you need to do. That way you can keep the firewall active the rest of the time. I can understand why permanently disabling the firewall extension isn't seen as viable - I wouldn't feel comfortable without it either.

  • The not agreed on adding the application to it. But you are right that would work.

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    @syntic, I'm glad littlebobbytables has been able to help you out with this. These types of issues can certainly be a little tricky sometimes!

    If you run into more problems or need anything else, please let us know. We're always happy to help. :)

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