Selectively restoring old notes

I'd like to try and restore one of my secure notes to a previous version (or at last view its contents) from one of the app's local backups. Is this possible?


1Password Version: 5.3.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.10.5
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hello @mike_s,

    Sadly not in an easy manner.

    The high-level description would be we would show you how to backup your current vault, restore a previous backup, export the item you want to keep, restore the correct version of your vault and then import the item you want to recover.

    Here are the steps in a bit more detail.

    1. Open 1Password and enter 1Password's preferences.
    2. Switch to the Backup tab and click the Backup Now button.
    3. Select a previous backup that will have the older version of your Secure Note and click the now enabled Restore button.
    4. Follow the steps supplied by 1Password and launch it again after it quits to complete the restore.
    5. Select the Secure Note you want to restore making sure it's the right version.
    6. With this single item selected, use the menu option File > Export > Selected Items..., saving the item to your Desktop.
    7. Return to the Backup tab in 1Password's preferences and restore the newest backup (the one you made in step 2.).
    8. With your real, current vault restored you will now want to use the File > Import... menu option to import the 1PIF file you created in step 6. There is a gotcha here, we've fixed it in the latest betas but the Open and Cancel buttons in the Import window doesn't respond to mouse clicks, use the enter and escape keys respectively to bypass this bug.

    At this point the exported copy of your Secure Note from the backup will overwrite the current one. I apologise that there are a few steps involved but this will eventually achieve your desired goal. If you have any troubles please let us know.

  • OK, thanks for the tip. Worked a charm!

  • That's great to hear @mike_s, sorry there were so many steps involved but great to hear that everything has worked out :smile:

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