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Switching to OPVault format

To get your data into the OPVault format, you need to follow one of the following sets of instructions, depending on which version of 1Password you're running: Windows (version 4), Mac (version 5) from our AgileBits online store, or Mac (version 5) from the Mac App Store.

Note: It is not possible to reliably create OPVault in earlier versions of 1Password for Mac.


To use .opvault in 1Password 4 for Windows

Caution: 1PIF is a plain-text format, so your data IS NOT encrypted. Be sure to delete the 1PIF file securely!

In 1Password for Windows:

  1. In 1Password, unlock the .agilekeychain vault that you want to switch to OPVault format.
  2. Choose ​File > Export​.
  3. From the ​Format drop-down menu​, choose ​1Password Interchange File (1PIF); make sure All items is selected.
  4. Click on ​OK.
  5. In File Explorer, create a new folder in Documents\1Password called Export-Delete-Soon. Enter please_delete_this_asap.1pif as the file name; then click on ​Save. (1Password will export all of your attachments to its own attachments folder inside Documents\1Password\Export-Delete-Soon.)
  6. Back in 1Password, choose ​File > New 1Password Vault.
  7. From the Save as type drop-down menu, select 1Password vault (.opvault); then click on ​Save.
  8. Define a strong master password that you can remember.
  9. Click on ​OK.
  10. Unlock your newly created .opvault folder using the master password you entered above.
  11. Choose ​File > Import.
  12. Select the please_delete_this_asap.1pif file; then click on ​Open.
  13. When prompted to import items, choose Yes to all. When prompted to replace items based on identical titles, choose No to all.

When finished, please securely delete the Export-Delete-Soon folder in your Documents\1Password directory.


To use .opvault in 1Password 5 for Mac

Note: It is not possible to reliably create OPVault in earlier (pre-5) versions of 1Password for Mac.

If you're on the beta track of 1Password 5 for Mac from our online store…

  1. Disable sync, if it's enabled, making sure you enable the Delete data option.

  2. In 1Password 5 for Mac (beta), choose Help > Tools > Enable OPvault for Dropbox and Folder sync.

  3. Re-enable sync, making sure you don't select an existing .agilekeychain or .opvault folder as the sync point.

If you're not on the beta track, or if you're using 1Password 5 for Mac from the Mac App Store…

Caution: Terminal commands are a very powerful tool with which you can unintentionally render your Mac's operating system unusable. If you choose to use the command, it might be safer to copy and paste it than to type it by hand.

  1. In 1Password 5 for Mac, press Control-Command-Q.

  2. Launch the Terminal app, and issue the appropriate command:

    • If you obtained 1Password 5 for Mac from the Mac App Store…

      defaults write 2BUA8C4S2C.com.agilebits.onepassword-osx-helper useOPVaultFormatByDefault true

    • If you obtained 1Password 5 for Mac from the AgileBits online store…

      defaults write 2BUA8C4S2C.com.agilebits.onepassword4-helper useOPVaultFormatByDefault true

  3. In 1Password 5 for Mac preferences, disable and then re-enable sync.

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