Viewing on the Apple Watch [requires Pro Features, only certain categories and fields supported]

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After I have added two credit card info onto Apple Watch, I can only see the name of the two cards and only 2 field names (out of 6 fields) but the data under each field name cannot be seen.


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    Hi @wongmwy! I'm sorry to hear things aren't displaying correctly on 1Password for Apple Watch. May I ask if you are on iOS 8 or iOS 9 on your iPhone, and watchOS 1.0.1 or watchOS 2 on your Apple Watch?

  • Yes, My iPhone has been using iOS 8.4.1. and my Apple Watch 1.0.1. The problem is there

    1. Please refer to the first file attached. As said, the JPEG file attached by using 1Password Master on desktop cannot be viewed withouth downloading it.
    2. The second file shows that even the icon of the JPEG file for the same wallet cannot be seen on the iPhone and
    3. The second file shows that some wallets have the option to be added to Apple Watch and some, like this one, cannot be added to A

      pple Watch
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    @wongmwy: Sorry for the confusion! This doesn't seem to be an Apple Watch issue at all, since Passport items and attachments are not available there at all (only Login, Credit Card, Password, or Secure Note items can be added).

    It sounds like you're double-clicking the attachment in 1Password for Windows, which will Export it. If you'd like to view it, be sure to right-click and choose Open.

    Finally, can you provide a screenshot of 1Password for iOS Settings > Pro Features. It sounds like you may need to either purchase it or restore the purchase if you had already, which would allow you to view attachments. Thanks in advance! :)

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    And since we're in contact in a separate discussion, I'll close this one to avoid further confusion.

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