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I am from Europe. And I do have primary language uses non-Latin characters. I.e. I have TWO active input languages (see Test Services and Input Languages > General) and I use some keyboard shortcut to switch between them (e.g. ALT + SHIFT or CTRL + SHIRT). But I use Latin only characters for passwords for better web compatibility (most servers incorrectly handles non-Latin characters). And when current language is non-Latin (e.g. German, Cyrillic, Hebrew & so on), 1Pass types in the current language. As result I get wrong login attempts. And I need to check current language, and if it's wrong, change it by ALT + SHIFT or CTRL + SHIRT and repeat login by using 1Pass. There is no room for trouble for US or UK users, but it's pain for many other countries.

Could you please add some feature like is "Force login type-in to Xxxxxxxx language only" per each item? Most of my items uses only Latin characters, but some web sites uses Last name in native language only as login name. And as result I need to set up this setting by the piece.


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    Thanks for the suggestion, EIKA.

    I don't know what's technically possible within Windows (that is, whether a running program has the power to do that kind of temporary ad hoc character-set switching), but I'll pass along your request to the developer.
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