Multiple password fields in same form

On the local library's site there is a little issue with filling out from 1Password.

Take a look at

When you press login you need to fill out an account number (10 numbers masked) and a PIN code (4 numbers masked). The reason the account number is masked is because it's the same number as your social security number (location: Denmark).

When 1Password saves the login it thinks that the account number is the PIN code. I have tried to save it manually but then it doesn't save the account number - only the PIN code.

I have tried to mess around with different settings in 1Password including "Show web form details".

Can you help me?

1Password Version: 5.3
Extension Version: 4.5.0b1
OS Version: 10.11
Sync Type: iCloud


  • Hello Kraen. Considering you use that version of the extension I suggest you report the website-specific issue via the Report Website Issue located in the Actions menu invoked by pressing ⌘-,. You do this whilst the 1Password extension's window has focus invoked by pressing ⌘-⌥-. Ensure the website's log-in page is loaded so all the relevant details can be collected when invocation of the report menu item commences. You also have the option to enter an e-mail address on that page to receive possible updates with regards to the matter.

    To report a website-specific issue in this manner will route it to the folks who work on website issues such as this. Though it did not solve your issue re-channelling may be more effective.

  • It's an issue that has been there for a long time. I don't know why I haven't done anything yet but it's not version specific.

  • Hi @kraen,

    May I ask, have you tried filling using the Login item at all? It might not look like it will fill but everything I've tried indicates it will. You're correct, 1Password takes a guess at which of the two masked fields are the password and it guessed incorrectly but it does store both fields against the correct field IDs inside the web form details and this is the bit that really counts.

    Here is a look at a test item I created by following our How to manually save a Login guide.

    It only shows the account number in the normally visible section and has mislabeled it as the password (most likely due to length) but when I fill using this item both fields correctly fill.

    Now you can tweak the web form details and alter which field refers to the username and which refers to the password and it will look like this.

    All I did was alter which field is flagged with the silhouette of the key and then add the silhouette of the person. Once I save 1Password takes care of the rest and fills in the visible fields at the top. After altering the Login item it visually looks nicer but it still fills as the original.

    Does any of this help at all? Please do let us know if your findings match mine at all :smile:

  • Thanks, that helped. I thought that I had done exactly that but I must have missed something. Thanks!

  • Great to hear things are working better for you now @kraen :smile:

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