Is it safe to update Firefox to version 41 given that there is no signed 1P extension?

lpnlpn Junior Member

As the title says: is it safe to update Firefox to the just-released version 41 given that as of now there is no signed 1P extension? (I did "check for updates" in the Addon manager, no new 1P extension)


  • Greetings @lpn,

    Can you confirm what version of 1Password you are running as well as the currently installed extension version.

    If you're running 1Password 4 or 5 for Mac then I would recommend trying the following:

    1. Uninstall the 1Password Firefox Extension.
    2. Close Firefox.
    3. Launch Firefox and download a fresh copy of the extension.

    I suggest that as the latest version of our extension, 4.4.3, is signed for Firefox. Let us know how you get along :smile:

  • lpnlpn Junior Member

    When I posted this thread, there was no signed extension (I ran "Check for updates" manually in the Firefox Addon manager), but now there is a signed extension, thanks.

  • Hi @lpn,

    That's odd as the last stable extension was released back on the 25th of August and the review process was completed on the 27th. I know we're still in the learning state about how all of the reviewing etc. works but to suddenly have Firefox now say there is an update seems odd given you had checked already. At least you're running a signed version now and I'm assuming Firefox has found version 4.4.3. Hopefully going forward it should be automated as usual.

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