How do I access iPassword on my MacBook Air? I have it on my iMac and have synced with ICloud. Do I

How do I access iPassword on my Mac Air? I have it on my iMac and have synced to iCloud. Do I have to purchase iPassword on my Air?

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  • Stephen_CStephen_C
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    I'm assuming that, because you're using iCloud to sync, you're using the latest version of 1P for Mac from the Mac App Store (1P 5.3). In that case, as with all the Mac App Store apps, so long as you're logged in to the App Store on the Mac Air with the same Apple ID as you used when you bought 1P on the iMac, you will not be charged again for the download.

    Edit: you'll also be able to download without charge on the Mac Air if you use a separate Apple ID on that but both Apple IDs are the subject of a family sharing arrangement under OS X Yosemite.


  • brentybrenty

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    @docwy: Indeed, the best thing to do is to download it from the Purchased tab of the App Store. Since the purchase is tied to your Apple ID you won't have to pay for it a second time on the same account. I hope this helps! :)

  • Thank you for your comments, which solved the issue! I couldn't get agile bits to send an e-mail with my registration number. I didn't think of downloading from App Store (duh). So did that. All seems to be working fine now! Thanks

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    @docwy, on behalf of Stephen and brenty, you're very welcome! I'm glad that helped.

    I'm sorry for any confusion about having your license info resent to your email! Since you purchased 1Password from the Mac App Store, you don't have (and don't need) a license code for that, because that purchase is tied to your Apple ID (like all Mac App Store purchases). Also, since the Mac App Store is run by Apple, we don't have a record of that purchase in our own system.

    If you have more questions about 1Password, please don't hesitate to ask us! We're always glad to help. :)

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