OK to drop 1Password 3.8.22 on OS X 10.10.5 in the Trash since I successfully installed 5.3.2?

Finally got rid of an old iPad that was holding me back so I jumped directly from 1Password 3.8.22 to 5.3.2. I've successfully updated my iPhone and new(ish) iPad to 1Password 6 on iOS 9.0.1. I'm not sure how I managed to do it, but I still have v 3 installed on my iMac, although I'm exclusively using v5. So question: can I just toss v3 from the Application folder into the Trash? I'm a little paranoid about trashing my data file, obviously...

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  • Greetings @Kent Rebman,

    The first thing I can do is reassure that as long as you're careful that your 1Password 5 vault will not be at risk. So if you're happy that you no longer need 1Password 3 then we can help you safely remove everything :smile:

    1. Launch 1Password 5 and enter 1Password's preferences.
    2. Switch to the Sync tab. Does your primary vault show that is using Folder Sync to synchronise to the following location? ~/Library/Application Support/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain. If it does change the option from Folder Sync to None and confirm you want to disable sync. Don't worry, all 1Password 5 is doing right now is ensuring your 1Password 3 Agile Keychain is being kept up to date but the whole point is you don't need 1Password 3 any more :smile:
    3. Our guide, Completely Uninstalling 1Password (version 3) will show you how to completely remove 1Password 3. My preference is the manual removal as you can go through it step by step and if one piece isn't there you simply move to the next bit until you're happy that any item we reference isn't present.

    So the easy way to reassure yourself is 1Password 3 uses the following folder for storing everything and that path is:

    ~/Library/Application Support/1Password/

    While 1Password 5 uses the following folder:

    ~/Library/Application Support/1Password 4/

    We didn't change the name of the folder when we released 1Password 5 as they both use the same files and in hindsight maybe that wasn't a great idea as it does confuse some people. As long as you don't touch the 1Password 4 folder your new vault is safe and won't be touched :smile:

    If you have any concerns before starting please do let us know.

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