Using WIndows 7 and IE 11 Cannot Use 1Password with St.George

Firstly please know I have read all the St.George threads here.

I am a new 1Password user using the trial and my first test is can this deal with my internet banking which logs on here

There are three pieces of information that are required to logon to St.George Banking

So far I am falling at the first hurdle and I am finding the product very frustrating so please help

Here is what I have discovered

  1. 1Password is tricked by St.George and stores the wrong details. I can edit these to store the right one and I have done so, no bid deal.
  2. Based on feedback in other threads I have disabled the auto-submit. I will worry about that later and I can live with clicking a button
  3. If I cut and paste using the clipboard to the banking page and hit submit manually the website will logon.
  4. If I auto-type the two fields that 1Password allows me to do a field at a time Username and Password and I add securityNumber manually and submit manually it works.
  5. Infuriatingly my security number is missing from this section that allows Auto-Type and I therefore cannot auto-type the securitynumber field the web form in the one field at a time manner. What is this section and how does it differ from the web form below it.

1Password will not work if I get it to fill in the details automatically no matter what.

If I set it to Auto-type it gets the length of everything wrong.
If I set it Auto-type to off it seems to get the length of everything write but St.George gives me this strange message

1. To cut and paste using the clipboard from the web form the "userid" (my Banking id) I must change its designation to password otherwise no clipboard icon. I know I can do it in the strange section above the clipboard but really which of these is sent to the St.George web site?

Note2: There is another confusing section above the web form where my banking Id is repeated and called "Username" and my password is repeated also. I can copy to clipboard from here and I can also Autotype one field at a time from here as well. Infuriatingly my security number is missing from this section and I therefore cannot autotype that individual field to the web form.

Help I am about to give up.


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    Hi @GuntaSmittel,

    The manual auto-type from the main program is limited to two fields, the username and password. It won't work on sites that has more than three fields. It basically automates this: type username, tab, password, and enter if you have auto-submit turned on.

    The browser extension does a detailed analysis when you ask 1Password to save the Login item for the site, it should detect each field properly and fill it in next time. However, changing the designation and changing the web field names manually can in fact make it worse.

    With that aside, I tested the site, it looks like it is scrambling the data entered by 1Password.

    Here's a screenshot to show what I mean:

    I'm using an extension that reveals the asterisks on the page, notice the data saved in the 1Password and the data that was entered in the website? The site is intentionally scrambling whatever 1Password fills in. That's why you're forced to type it in manually.

    Now, with the same extension, I did something else, I changed the values and look at what happens when I move to the next field:

    This is a security measure by the bank, we can't work around this, you would have to type it in manually so that it can be scrambled properly by the bank.

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