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Unable to log in

the URL " " requires 3 fields for authentification. I am unable to log in on my iPhone.
On my Mac-desktop version of "1Password" it is working properly...

Have I overseen something? confused.png

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    Hello Thomas!

    I'm sorry that you're having this problem. Please try saving the login manually in Chrome which is using our very latest form filling and saving code. In fact, it is using the same code that our mobile apps use. You will need to move your current login to the trash before saving a new one since the manual save only works for logins with different passwords than are already stored in 1Password. Open Chrome with the 1Password extension installed and visit the FinanzOnline website. Then...

    1. Enter your Teilnehmer-Identifikation, Benutzer-Identifikation, and PIN, but DO NOT submit the form.
    2. Click the 1Password button in your Chrome's toolbar, and choose "Save new Login."
    3. Click the Save button.

    Using the above technique I was able to save a sample login in Chrome and in fill it in 1Password for iPhone at:

    Once you sync the new login from your Mac to your iPhone, it should fill properly in 1Password on your iPhone.

    Manually saving a login can be useful for logins that are either problematic to begin with or were once working but have since stopped. Doing this allows 1Password to refresh everything it "knows" about the page. Login pages often change as websites are updated and this can be a necessary but very useful tip. :-)

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.

  • Hello khad,

    thank you for your suggestion. I do not use "Chrome" (because of "Google"). So do you have any alternative for me?

    As I posted, on my desktop "Safari" there is no problem logging in. I also don´t want to sync my "desktop 1Password"
    with my "iPhone 1Password"....

    Kind regards,
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    If the login is working in Safari on your Mac, I suggest syncing it to your iPhone where it will likely work. I thought you had already tried that, so I was giving a surefire method to get it working. :-)

    The steps I outlined above will get the login working on your iPhone.

    We always recommend saving logins from within the browser on the desktop since 1Password cannot integrate with Mobile Safari in iOS and therefore cannot "learn" the form field names for all your logins like 1Password can on the desktop. We are looking to improve this in the future, but for now you will need to save the login on your desktop on sync it to your iOS device for the most reliable experience.

    If you are having trouble syncing, I would love to help get it working for you.

    The absolute last resort is attempting to create the login manually in 1Password on your iPhone. It is rather tedious and not guaranteed to work. It requires you to read the source code of the login page in question and is just plain not simple. :-)

    If you wish to proceed, please edit your FinanzOnline Login item on your iPhone and use the exact field names of tid, benid, and pin for your login item exactly as shown in this image:


    Those field names were acquired from the source code of the login page at FinanzOnline, but 1Password for Mac and Windows will "learn" them automatically.

    Once you have edited the login to use exactly those three field names, it will hopefully work. Please let me know how it turns out.
  • Hello khad,

    thank you very much for your patience with me and the detailed instructions. One more question regarding "sync":

    Is it possible only to sync one particular login from Mac to iPhone?

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    thank you very much for your patience with me and the detailed instructions.

    It is my pleasure to help you, Thomas! :-)

    One more question regarding "sync": Is it possible only to sync one particular login from Mac to iPhone?

    Certainly. I always recommend Dropbox syncing for folks who want to keep all their data in sync automatically, but in this case, Wi-Fi sync is the only way to perform selective syncing.

    To sync just one item (or only a small number of items), create a folder in 1Password on your Mac. Move the item(s) you wish to sync into that folder. Set up Wi-Fi syncing to "Sync only selected folders" then click the sync button.
    I am curious why you would not want to always sync all your information. I can't imagine not having all of my secure information with me at all times on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. If you don't mind telling me, I would love to know why.

  • Hi khad,

    once more thank you!

    On the go, with my iPhone, I don´t need all the login´s I have stored on my Mac. As I use 1Password now for more than 3 years, there is a lot of stored login´s on my Mac
    that I use very rarely...and certainly not on my mobile....Syncing all therefore would be "waste of disc-space" on my iPhone (useless data)...

    The hint with the folder especially for my mobile is great....

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    You are most welcome. I'm glad I could help! :-)

    Please keep in mind that even a 1Password data file of thousands of entries takes up less space on your iOS device than a few MP3 songs. Just in case that makes a difference.

    Either way, enjoy syncing!

  • Hi!

    Is there any option to make this work in the New iOS-App?

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    Welcome to the forums, FV!

    Are you having trouble with a Login for as well? Are you syncing with 1Password for Mac or Windows? I'm assuming you have already tried the steps I outlined in my posts above from last year, but it's possible the site has changed since then. Please let me know.
  • Thanks for the fast answer.

    No I'm not syncing to Mac or Windows just iPad and iPhone.

    I've tried to create a login on the iPad like you explained in your post before, but it didn't work. The In-App-Browser doesn't get the login information
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    I just saved a Login via the browser extension on the desktop and it works as well in the mobile apps as it does on the desktops. However, it doesn't appear to be possible to create a working Login for that site using just the mobile app right now. The browser extension on the desktop "learns" all the form fields automatically, but this functionality is not available in iOS right now. It is on our list, but for now I believe you may need to manually enter the PIN since the "password" field is filled for both "Benutzer-Identifikation" and "PIN".

    I'll mention this to the developers to further encourage them to bring the "learning" and Login saving of the desktop browser extensions to 1Password's built-in browser on iOS.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with in the meantime.
  • Thanks for your help. I'm looking forward to the next updates ;)
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