New Product Request: 1Password for Chrome OS



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    Thanks for adding your vote here. :)

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  • I have recently bought a chromebook - and I already use 1password on my mac and windows machines.
    The only way I have made it work is by exporting all my data to free lastpass, but that's a pain. Hope you guys have chromebook support soon!

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    Thanks for the feedback. :)

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    FYI, Windows guru Woody Leonhard is singing Chromebook’s praises. He fails to mention the decisive advantage offered by cheap Windows laptops and tablets: 1Password support. It would be nice to think that that advantage will be short-lived.

  • +1 more.

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  • I am using One Password(OP) on my Windows laptop and Android phones.
    However I am running into a lot of troubles on my Chromebook; since OP does not work here, I have to either manually input all the info or do some back and forth copying/pasting... switch between Chromebook and my other devices.
    I just hope that OP can support Chromebook in the near future otherwise I have to look for another solution.

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    Hi @myallblue‌

    I've merged your request into another thread on the same subject. Thanks!

  • +1 My assistant recently switched to a Chromebook because her company forced her to, and we're out of luck using 1P in a seamless way. Please bring 1Password to ChromeOS!

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    Thanks for the vote!

  • Adding my +1.

    I've been a 1Password fan for years, but my Chromebook has become the device I reach for most often now. I'll reluctantly have to switch to LastPass if there's no sign of a Chrome OS solution soon.

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    Hi yellowlobo,

    I've added your vote to our list. We do not release future details or promise anything for the future. We do realize ChromeOS is popular in businesses and educational markets, so it would be nice to support it in the future.

    Thanks for your vote!

  • Hello Anglebits Team Members,

    I have a MacBook Pro running OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 with 1Password integrated in Chrome browser, an iPhone 5 running the 1Password app, and a Chromebook running 1PasswordAnwywhere. I received a noticed that my trial is expired and that I need to buy. Can you please recommend what I need to buy and the minimum cost necessary in order to keep this current infrastructure in place?

  • Hi @cherricopottery ,

    To keep the infrastructure that you currently have in place, you only need to make one purchase: 1Password 5 for Mac. You can snag a license from our website.

    1Password 5 for iOS is a free download and will continue to work just fine (there's no trial on iOS). There are some Pro Features available for a one-time in app purchase, but you may not need those just yet.

    For your Chromebook, for now 1PasswordAnywhere is your best option.

    I hope this helps, but we're here if you have any further questions or concerns!

  • Please! +1, let's make it happen. It's been long enough.

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    Thanks for the feedback, @Elastic. I don't have further information to share at the moment but I'm sure our developers are paying attention here. :)

  • we exactly need a ChromeOS solution.

  • Hi @Nurinai ,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here! I'll let our developers know you'd love to see a 1Password app for ChromeOS. :)

  • Since this was first requested 5 years ago and is still no closer to reality, it makes me curious: What are the user numbers like across all 1Password products? It seems like Mac and iOS get the most attention, but I think it would help those of us on Android and Chrome to understand the situation if we were to see our real user share. It would be easier to accept requests like this being ignored if, for example, I found out that only 1% of 1Password Anywhere hits came from Chrome OS.

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    @MemoryGap: I'm not sure that usage information is something we will share publicly, but rest assured that we pay close attention to both the raw numbers and the feedback we receive. Unfortunately, the two don't necessarily mesh well.

    For example, we will get a huge influx of support requests on one platform, greatly outpacing those concerning others, if there is a bug that is affecting a large portion of our users on that platform -- even if, comparatively speaking, a much smaller percentage of our overall customer base is actually using the affected platform.

    We certain don't want you (or anyone!) to feel that you are being ignored. We appreciate your interest and feedback, but most of all your passion for 1Password. If you didn't care you wouldn't bother asking us to develop a new version, after all! But ultimately we are still a small team, and as such we must focus our not-unlimted resources -- both development and support -- where we can do the most good for the greatest number of people.

    For now, ChromeOS (and other platforms that enjoy similar requests) hasn't yet hit the sweet spot (technological, install-base, etc.) for us. And while I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, Google I/O is coming up soon, and we're always excited to see their technologies evolve...especially as they relate to platforms we currently support and those we may in the future. :)

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    To add to what @brenty said, we actually wouldn't have any statistics for 1PasswordAnywhere usage. We don't host it, and we don't collect any data from it.

  • will 1password ever be available for chromebooks? As I read through the forum discussion, there are discussion threads running for more than 5 years where agile team members string customers along with, "thank you for your feedback", "we will take your recommendation under consideration", "we are working this..." Is there a straight answer for people who use your product, 1password, on chromebooks? Seems like a one long stroke!

  • Agilebits is generally very careful not to string people along. They never commit to anything, even the day of the week sometimes!
    This is actually quite an honest policy in some ways though. In a recent thread on this forum an Agilebits employee actually recommended that someone use their competitor's software rather than engage in bad security practice.

    The simple rule for finding any software is, find the software that best suits your requires right now. Don't trust that promised features will materialise as they often don't.

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    Hey @Denver5280! I've split your comment and moved it to this thread on the same topic.

    RichardPayne is absolutely correct. We try very hard not to make promises with regards to unreleased features. At the moment, we're focusing our development resources on improving 1Password on the platforms we already support.

    That said, it would be great if we could support ChromeOS, and we're definitely tracking feedback. We know our users would love to see this. With the resources we currently have, however, it's just not something we can support right now.

  • +1 to a fully-featured 1Password solution for ChromeOS. I work for a fast growing start-up company, Duo Security. We're rolling out Chromebooks very broadly, here, and have noticed many of our customers are starting to do the same.

    I appreciate having the Dropbox/webview to load my saved passwords in 1p, but it's really a sub-part user experience.

    I understand the need to focus on the right enhancements. ChromeOS support would be widely appreciated by long-time 1P customers, like myself, and it's a good investment in the growing market of Chromebooks. Business users will pay good money for 1P.

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    @bkelly: Thanks for sharing your experience! We are definitely keeping an eye on the ChromeOS market as it grows over time. A 'native' app is always best (such as it they are on ChromeOS), so this may be something we develop in the future if resources and demand prove to be a good match. :)

  • I use 1Password everywhere and when I got a Chromebook is was really disappointed with the 1Password experience. I started working on a 1Password Chrome OS App in my spare time, it's coming along slowly but I have most of the hard stuff worked out (keychain encryption/decryption, communicating with the browser plugin over websockets, and Dropbox pseudo-syncing). If I were to eventually release this would you guys send me a cease and desist and sue me?

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    Hey @jimli. First off, thanks for your support of 1Password and welcome to the forums! :)

    We have heard from many customers like yourself, who would love to see 1Password on ChromeOS. However, at the moment, we're concentrating our efforts on improving 1Password on the platforms that we already support--Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows. That isn't to say that we'll never support ChromeOS, but it isn't on our roadmap at the moment.

    That said, our Agile Keychain and OPVault formats are indeed publicly documented, so anyone is able to create their own apps based on that information.

    However, if you did create your own app that encrypts to and from agilekeychain, it would not be an official 1Password app, and as such, couldn't be called "1Password," or "onepassword," or make use of any of our images or other assets.

    I also want to point out for anyone else following this thread, what our Defender Against the Dark Arts, Jeff Goldberg, states here--"We have to advise you to never enter your 1Password Master Password into anything that isn’t 1Password. We aren’t casting aspersions on the integrity or competence of any developers, but we simply can’t advise otherwise."

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