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I have been a long time roboform user for the PC and as much as I wanted a Mac version of Roboform, upon their release of this availability, unfortunately, with multiple platform computers I currently own (iPhone, iPad, Mac book, PC), I wanted a solution that would allow me to have the same data (passcards, safenotes, etc.) across all machines.

After reading both websites and countless outdated sites (Roboform and 1password), is it my understanding that if I wanted to do what I just mentioned, I would have to purchase from Roboform a yearly subscription fee to sync across all my machines/devices versus 1password capability to sync with Dropbox with one "keychain" file. As long as Dropbox is installed on the PC and Mac.

Of course, I would still have to purchase a license from 1Password to work on both PC/Mac but versus Roboform's "Everywhere" plan in the long run it would be cheaper?

Is this correct?

I want to make sure because I'm looking to pledge my allegiance to one over the other and as much as I like roboform, times have changed and I own many different devices and it seems like Roboform had found a way to make more money (whether intentional or not).

I like 1password and it's feature set and would like to fully convert over. I just don't like handing over monthly/yearly plans.


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    I can't speak as to robos pricing etc.

    But for example you pay a license fee for the platform you wish to use 1P on (there are more options like bundle license for Win and Mac)

    You buy 1P Mac or Win,

    Dropbox is Free up to 2GB of syncing, the desktop Mac or Win machines will use this to sync

    You will need to buy 1Password Pro in your case (Pro specifically as it works on both iPad and iPhone saving you some money vs having to buy 2 separate version for iPhone and iPad)
    1PasswordPro will sync to Dropbox using the Dropbox API, over wifi or 3G always allowing you to have an updated copy of your passwords while traveling etc.

    If you are traveling and don't have an iDevice (shutters) image' /> The you can log into Dropboxs web interface and use 1Password anywhere. Its a way to access the passwords (read only) without having 1Password installed etc.

    So you pay for the Desktop license, the iOS app, the only other possible charges are data usage from your carrier. (Note 1Password only sync the new changes so the amount of data 1Password Pro uses over 3G is almost minuscule)

    As of this writing for example


    A standalone Mac / Win machine bundle (single user) = $60
    The 1PasswordPro for iPhone/iPad = $12

    You pay $72 dollars and never pay for anything else unless you want to update to 1P4 when it manages to ever be created by the team.

    ps ... Make sure and search 1Password Coupon you can find significant discount coupon codes via Google (Desktop apps or bundles only, not available for iOS apps)

    psss... The only other charge may be if you get hooked on Dropbox and decide to put a lot of files in it like me and end up going pro aka paid (50 GB or 100GB plans)
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    Hmm...this is interesting. Roboform's plan is 9.95 first year and 19.95 the rest of the years. It's about 5 years worth before I may back what I pay for 1Password. Hehehe....Seriously though, not trying to compare the two and saying which is better over the other, I do like both. Perhaps more with 1Password over Roboform. Either way, it's good that these two companies are competitive. I just want to make sure I get the best experience!
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    If you are looking to purchase 1Password for Mac, Windows, and iOS, please shoot us an email at I think we can make it worth your while. :-) Also mention that you are switching from another product when you email us. You can also shoot me a PM here on the forums.

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    khad wrote:

    If you are looking to purchase 1Password for Mac, Windows, and iOS, please shoot us an email at I think we can make it worth your while. :-) Also mention that you are switching from another product when you email us. You can also shoot me a PM here on the forums.



    Thanks. I have been mulling over this over and over and over and comparing the difference between the two, participated in beta's, and essentially, my outcome is that 1password a better experience. I am trying really hard not to be bias because I know Roboform in and out and even had some custom roboform work done in the past before it became public with the changes I wanted to see with it.

    When the Mac became my primary computer, unfortunately, there was no clean way to cut over. Import/export/full html/ect. etc. It really racked my brains as to how do I make this happen on the Mac and still not be so far off with what I was used to with Roboform.

    After awhile, even if I can figure out a way to move over to 1password which I was willing to do because I liked the integration points of 1password with my Mac, I figured let me just look at the pricing points.

    I figured I'd just let price determine my decision. If the pricing was competitive, I was willing to stick with Roboform because then I don't have to go through the migration from Roboform to 1password. With the new changes they did with Roboform, this made it even more difficult now.

    Now...with that said and the offer on the table, I did purchase the Pro IOS 1password already. Let me PM you to see if it's worthwhile :)
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    I just replied to your PM. I think I have "made you an offer you can't refuse." image' />

    With regard to transitioning to 1Password, I know several of us on the team used two different products in tandem until all the data was autosaved by 1Password. This happens automatically as you browse to the sites. Let Roboform fill the logins and then 1Password will save them as you log in to the websites. It ends up being a virtually zero-effort affair and you have a bit more control over the data in 1Password as opposed to importing everything wholesale. It takes more time, but very little effort. I cleaned out a lot of cruft this way and have been very pleased with the results.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!
  • I've been debating a move from Roboform as well. What is the best feature 1Password? I like the DropBox integration because I already have a DropBox account. Thanks.
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    Welcome to the forums, shaddowman! Thanks for considering 1Password. I don't know if I could pick any one feature as my favorite, but Dropbox syncing is pretty handy. 1Password syncs seamlessly (and automatically) between my Mac, iPhone, iPad, and PC. I don't ever have to worry about it. I just always have my data wherever I am. If you are syncing via Dropbox, you can also use the 1PasswordAnywhere feature very easily. This allows you to access your data even when you are away from all your devices.

    If you have any further questions, please let me know.

    I would be happy to help!
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