What is 1Password mini / Helper?


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  • @AGMarshall What is 1Password mini? I use Windows and IOS on iPad versions.

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    @tonydow: 1Password mini is the equivalent of what's called the Helper on Windows: it enables the browser extensions to fill your data, among other things. It's essentially the 'brains' behind most of what we do with 1Password on a daily basis. :)

  • @brenty Thanks. So are there equivalent keyboard shortcuts for the Helper and its' IOS equivalent?

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    @tonydow: Any time! I've split this off into a separate discussion, because it's kind of a cool topic in its own right.

    There is no Helper/mini equivalent on iOS, since the extension is part of the app (and also it isn't possible to have something like that running in the background indefinitely).

    But with 1Password for Mac there's a keyboard shortcut of ⌘ \ to fill a login and ⌘ ⌥ \ to open 1Password mini.

    And similarly, with 1Password for Windows there's a keyboard shortcut of Ctrl \ to fill a login and Ctrl Alt \ to open the 1Password Helper menu.

    Just as without the browser extension you're not able to interact with 1Password in the browser, without 1Password Helper/mini running in the background, the browser extension can't access the data you have stored in 1Password. All of this is because for security reasons apps can't integrate directly web browsers, so we have the Helper/mini to communicate between the app and the extensions. Cheers! :)

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