Initial sync on Android taking more than a day.

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I have 1658 items in my 1Password keychain. I am syncing via Dropbox. I have re-flashed my Nexus 5x so had to re-sync my data. It has been syncing for over a day now and has reached 1162 of 1658 items. Over the past few weeks because of defaulting or reflashing the phone and re-installing 1Password the sync time has always been upwards of 24 hours, both with the release version and the beta.

I take it I don't need a local version of Dropbox on the phone? Would that make it sync faster?

The syncing seems to pull down a few items then stall for a while. I keep accessing 1Password and click around a bit and it starts downloading a few more items. I have set it never to time out so it's always in the background.

There are no issues on my PC or Mac with the same database.

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  • scgfscgf Junior Member

    Sorry, forgot the extra info:

    1Password version: 4.5.3b1 (20150925)
    Android 6 MDB08M Nexus 5x

  • scgfscgf Junior Member

    I decided to transition to opvault and wifi sync. Takes only a couple of minutes to sync, but a huge backward step when I have to initiate a manual sync on two Android devices. Would be so much better if an auto sync was triggered when on my wifi network.

  • saadsaad

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    I'm sorry to hear it was taking this long to sync your vault using Dropbox sync. If you like to switch back to Dropbox sync, please let us know and we will be happy to look into resolving this with you.

    We currently don't have an option to perform automatic sync for Wi-Fi, but we will definitely look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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