Version 6.1.1 update problem on Mac

The Version 6.1.1 update that appears as a Mac update will not open. I tried to repeatedly press it like someone else in the forum suggested to no avail. I know you do not control the Apple Store, but you do have more input on your program there than I do. Help please.

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  • @Imp have you tried rebooting your iOS device to see if that helps?

    If you are still having problems please tell us:

    • Whether you have a backup of your 1P data
    • Whether you sync your 1P data to any other device and, if so, what sync method you use


  • Rebooting does nothing. This is the only update that I have ever had that will not even start, and I update four or five a week.

  • Stephen,
    I have my data on my IPad and my Android phone. I sync through Dropbox.

  • @Imp if your 1Password data is up to date on your Android device (and only if that is true) I suggest you delete the app on your iPad (which will delete all of your 1Password data on the iPad) and then try to reinstall. If the reinstall then works you should be able to re-sync the data from your Android device.


  • Greetings @Imp,

    Sorry to hear about the troubles you've been having. If I've understood correctly though the issue is in getting the iOS App Store app to download and install the update. You're right, we have no control when it comes to these sorts of issues. Where a problem is widespread, say due to a damaged binary we can go through the steps to release a 'new' version to correct this but we have nothing that works on the more individual level.

    While it might seem drastic, and you would need to ensure your data is elsewhere, completely deleting the app and downloading an entirely new copy might work. It sounds like redundancy of your vault is covered with your other mobile devices though so I wouldn't imagine any loss from trying so. If you are at all concerned and you have access to a Mac or Windows machine then you can also use our guide, Creating and restoring 1Password backups in iTunes (iOS) to create a backup that is safely stored on the computer while you perform the reset.

    Just to add, sometimes I find restarting an iOS device isn't enough, sometimes I shut down all apps running in the background, then restart to get a particular app to play ball. I agree, it can be frustrating. Please do let us know how you get along.

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