Is all support for 1P v3 done? Annoying 100% reproducible crash

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I assume this is the case, but is no support in the form of major bug fixes provided for older versions of 1P anymore? I could understand if minor bug fixes and feature support no longer exist, but I would hope that serious crashes would still be fixed, no?

V3.7.2 has a terrible, 100% easily reproducible crash on iPhone 6S (probably other devices as well) with common and easy steps. Clicking on any account, login, wallet item, etc. and then clicking the back button will cause the app to crash.

1Password Version: 3.7.2
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 9.1
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • Hi @pianosdr,

    In terms of development 1Password 3 is no longer. We will still do our best to answer questions but as far as iOS 9 goes our attention is on 1Password 6 for iOS only. My understanding is we couldn't even release an update to 1Password 3 for iOS anyway as that app is in some sort of discontinued state in iTunes. It should still be visible to people that previously purchased it but it cannot be purchased now nor returned to an active state.

    It may not be what you hoped to hear but migrating to 1Password 6 for iOS is pretty much the only path available. 1Password 3 for iOS still works enough that you can migrate from 1Password 3 to 1Password 6 on your iOS device using our guide, How do I upgrade from 1Password 3 on iOS? as a reference. Your previous purchase won't carry over though so if you decided that the features behind the in-app purchase were desirable they would require the purchase rather than 1Password 3's purchase unlocking them by default.

    The issue you're experiencing does affect all iOS devices running iOS 9, it's the changes in iOS that caused this to appear but it's the same issue experienced by Mac users running 1Password 3 for Mac. The number of changes made in both OS X and iOS since 1Password 3 was last worked on mean that the two simply aren't compatible any more.

    You may well have questions or thoughts on the matter so please do post if you do :smile:

  • Hi Littlebobbytables,

    Thank you for the response, although the process of migrating from 1Password 3 to the latest version was not at all easy. The migrate function that you noted does not work at all, nor do any of the sync functions on 1Password 3.

    As an aside, I'd also like to point out that the "Wi-Fi Sync" instructions for 1Password on the iPhone and the WiFi sync instructions on the Windows Desktop app are contradictory. They both say to go to the other's WiFi Sync settings and enter the code that each of them gives you, but neither of them offer the ability to accept codes; they only provide ones to you to enter in the other client.

    This should be corrected, as this added about 20 minutes to my process of figuring out how to get my data moved over to the new version, which, incidentally, ended up required a completely manual process. This was made that much more tedious by the crash in 1Password 3.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    I'm sorry to hear you had difficulty upgrading to 1Password 6 from 1Password 3. Did you attempt the second set of instructions?

    How do I upgrade from 1Password 3 on iOS?

    We no longer have instructions available for WiFi syncing 1Password 3 for iOS because 1Password 3 for iOS can only WiFi sync with 1Password 3 for Mac (also a legacy version). The instructions on our website assume you are running the latest versions of the products, unless otherwise noted.

    Glad to hear you were able to get your records moved over though I apologize that you had to do so manually.


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