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I know that I can have passwords 'Unconcealed" on my mac. How do I do that on the iPhone to which my mac syncs

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  • @bzbids - You can reveal passwords on the iOS version by tapping on the dots that conceal them and then selecting Reveal from the options that pop up. Picking Large Type will show it as an enlarged overlay, which helps if you need to manually type it into a web form or application.

    I've moved this post from the Mac section to the iOS section of the forum, since your question is about that version.

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    Hi @bzbids,

    In addition to what hawkmoth said you can also turn off password concealment altogether (much like you can on Mac) under 1Password > Settings > Security > Conceal Passwords (at the bottom of the screen; toggle off).

    I hope that helps!


  • bzbidsbzbids Junior Member

    Thanks to both of you. Easy once you know how. Greatly appreciate it. I have another question which is much more important. May I trouble you with it? I'm starting to get comfortable with understanding 1P on my Mac so my question relates to getting it to work on my iPhone. Or should I post this elsewhere?

    Thanks again.

  • @bzbids - There is section of the forum for 1Paaword for Mac. That would be the best place to post your questions about that version. And it's always best to start a separate thread if you have a new issue to raise.

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    @bzbids: Indeed! Go ahead and create a new discussion in that category for the particular issue you're having, and we'll be happy to walk you through it and answer any questions you have. Cheers! :)

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