Renaming of German category "Jagdschein"

1Password has the category "Outdoor Licences". For me this is the right category for hunting, fishing, diving, paragliding and other outdoor activities for what you need a licence.

On Android App the name for this category in German is "Outdoor-Lizenz". But on Mac and iOS this category is called "Jagdschein". "Jagdschein" is in my opinion hunting only.

So in my point of view it would be more suitable to rename this category on Mac and iOS for the German translation to "Outdoor-Lizenz" or similar.

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  • PhilippPhilipp
    edited November 2015

    Sorry for writing again: After a 2nd deliberation: Or is this category only for hunting and fishing because in the template 1Password ask for animals and quotas and so on.

    Hmmm... In your opinion which category would you suggest for hobby activities like diving? Memberships maybe?
    Maybe in this case the name for the Android app is not so suitable.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @Philipp

    Thanks for taking the time to write in. We use Crowdin for translations, and it is possible for folks to suggest specific translations on their website:

    I hope that helps!


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