Go & Fill from Chrome's omnibox (address bar)

Hi 1P,

I'm using Chrome 12.0.742.100 on OSX 10.6.7, Macbook Air; 1P Version 3.5.9 (build 30884); 1P extension Version:

To reproduce:

- When reading some article, click the Readability Javascript article to save for later. Assumes you are *not* logged in to Readability.com, and you have a login+password with them (not just a login).
- Arrive at readability.com login screen
- Ctrl-L for address bar, 1P, tab, then your login (my email address)

> Then the login screen for a totally different site (abebooks.com) loads! :P

Let me know if you need more info, glad to supply it.

Love 1P,


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    Hello rb,

    It sounds like you are trying to use the Go & Fill feature where a simple "FIll" will suffice. If you are already viewing the login page you wish to fill, simply press ⌘\ on your keyboard or click the 1Password key icon in Chrome's toolbar and then select the login from the "Logins for this site" section.


    If you wish to Go to a different site and have 1Password Fill your login when you get there, using Go & Fill from the omnibox as you describe should work great. Just be sure to select the correct site if more than one is listed.

    If you don't select an item and simply press Return, the top item will be used.


    So, normally, when you want to log in to a site you have come across, simply press ⌘\ on your keyboard. Otherwise, you can enter "1p" followed by a space and then search for the name of the login. You should never enter your username or password (or any other sensitive information) into the omnibox (or address bar in other browsers).

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.

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