Problems with new installation of 1Password


I downloaded the trial version of 1Password this morning and then almost immediately purchased the full version with a family license. It appears to have downloaded and installed correctly, it's there in my dock (I'm running Snow Leopard on an iMac). However it's not doing anything at all, just sitting there - I can access the menus etc but there's no info on how to actually use it - I am trying to reset my password on an internet shop and no prompts appeared, no interface, nothing. There's no menu item for 'Strong Password Generator'.

I wondered if perhaps I needed a restart for full installation but 1Password is preventing me from shutting down or restarting. It keeps prompting me to quit 1Password which I have done, via the dock and the menu, many many times but the same error simply pops up when I attempt to restart again.

So far I am deeply regretting purchasing and downloading this software.


  • I too am having trouble with both a new installation on my wife's computer and a reinstallation on my own.

    On installation all that is visible is the top menu bar:, no open windows etc.

    Quitting i password using file quit does not work

    Using force quit finally brings up a one password window on the desktop.

    This is annoying. Both machines are running the latest downloads (June 2011) of i password and OSX 10.6.8.

    Please fix. I told my wife 1 password was wonderful, and so it was on my machine until this week.
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    Welcome to the forums, folks. I'm sorry that you are having trouble with 1Password.

    Please update 1Password to the latest version 3.6.1 as we resolved an issue that a small number of users were having when 1Password started up. To resolve this:

    1. Download 1Password 3.6.1 from our web site:
    Click on the "Download Now" button under "1Password 3"
    2. Quit your web browser and 1Password, if it's running
    3. Drag the newly downloaded version of 1Password to the same location as any previous one -- replacing it
    4. Run 1Password at least once and then your web browser

    Your information is stored in a data file separate from the application, so it will not be harmed by this procedure.

    dubhousing, I think this should resolve the problem you were seeing.

    fjayf, we have a tutorial on Changing Login Passwords if that helps. If everything else is working correctly (saving and restoring logins, etc.) my guess is that 1Password simply did not detect the password change. With trillions of websites out there, it can be hard to get the detection to work for all of them. Try where I everything should work exactly as described in the tutorial, and let me know if that works for you.

    When 1Password does not automatically detect the password change, you can retrieve the generated password from the Generated Passwords section (Preferences > General > Display in Sidebar > Generated Passwords), or it may already be in your clipboard (the default behavior in Safari and Firefox) for you to use to login on the main login page. Logging in with the new password should trigger an autosave where you can select "Replace Login" from the drop-down menu.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know. I think there are (at least) two different issues in this thread, so please bear with me as I try to help each of you individually. Either than or you can start a new thread to avoid confusion. :-)

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