Known vault sync issues in 1Password for iOS [fixed in 6.2 update]


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With the addition of the new All Vaults feature in 1Password for iOS, there are a few issues some folks are running into:

Unable to find sync settings for an individual vault

Symptom: 1Password Settings > Sync only shows the item count in the All Vaults view

Solution: Switch to an individual vault, or go into 1Password Settings > Vaults and select it there to change sync settings
ref: OPI-3220

Vaults not syncing automatically using iCloud and Dropbox

Symptom: When viewing All Vaults, individual vaults do not sync properly.

Solution: Switch to the individual vault you want to sync, and it will sync normally.
ref: OPI-3196

Wi-Fi sync error "Computer not found" (or computer not showing up in Wi-Fi Sync list)

Symptom: Unable to sync normally via Wi-Fi after switching to All Vaults view

Solution: Reset Wi-Fi Sync settings in 1Password for iOS:
ref: OPI-3247
1. Disable Wi-Fi Sync in 1Password for iOS
2. Completely quit the app via the iOS multitasking window (double tap the Home button and swipe the app upward)
3. Launch 1Password for iOS again and setup Wi-Fi Sync

The development team is aware of these issues and is working on an update to address them. We're sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.


  • brentybrenty

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    We're currently beta testing fixes for each of these issues. We don't have a time frame for when we'll have an update available, but we'll get it out to everyone as soon as we can, once we've tested it thoroughly!

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    We've heard reports from a number of customers that v6.2 did fix this issue. If you are still having trouble syncing please open a new thread. Thanks for your patience while we worked through this bug!


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