Unable to open opvault file in windows 10 app.

I have reinstalled every program to do with 1password and recreated a new .opvault file with simple new master password in onedrive. I have deleted all old opvault files , uninstalled win10 beta app, run ccleaner, rebooted and still windows 10 app will not load the only opvault file I have . I just get the login screen asking for password and when I type in THE password it is not recognised and the old hint appears.

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    @teal_oak that is strange, usually .opvault has much less issues than .agilekeychain. There are few things that could go wrong, when you say " I just get the login screen asking for password..." do you mean you have screen like this?

    If yes, then it is master password that was not cleared by uninstalling app (yes, that sounds a bit strange, but master password is not cleared by uninstalling app because it is used on all your devices). You need to remove it manually from Credential Manager or by using op://resethard in Beta 3 (Beta 3 is not yet released, coming soon). More details about hard reset can be found here https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/53764/new-feature-in-beta-3-resetting-application-data-and-or-master-password

    When you open your first vault you enter vault password and that password becomes your master password. You can change your master password later in settings\options.

    If hard reset do not help, please drop a message at [email protected] with screenshot and let us know how you've been trying to open a vault - via local Folder or OneDrive?

  • I have problem to open file from Dropbox on Lumia 950. I reinstal app, when I open and choose dropbox file to sync the app after 3sec close. Now when I open app I see sync start and 3sec app close..... On my previous Lumia 1020 work OK so the database look ok.

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    @wampir_m this is very likely the issue described here https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/comment/258046/#Comment_258046

    If your Dropbox has some files with 2394u8923ue3319024u(JoeDoe's conflicted copy).1password names - that might cause the crash. Upcoming Beta 3 has a fix for that.

  • I dont have files with ()......

  • Thanks SergyTheAgile for help sorting out passwords.

    I did not know Credential Manager existed in Windows! I deleted then entry in Credential Manager I now have vault password in 1P4 the same as master pwd for 1PW10 on windows phone and my Surface pro3. All 3 programs accessing same .opvault file on onedrive. I will not change anything until off beta. Will beta 3 have facility to update the onedrive file?

  • @teal_oak Beta 3 will not have insert/sync out changes for .opvault, sorry, this is still work in progress. It's taking longer than we hoped for because we are making many steps to ensure there is next to no chance of corrupting data.

    @wampir_m got your message in support inbox, i'll reply there. But yeah, you are facing another issue (that issue is fixed in Beta 3 I believe).

  • I send new logs to support inbox

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    Thanks, @wampir_m! We'll look for them and be in touch.

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