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Hi Guys

I have a feature request for you: I have many Server's with OneTime Password and need them for every logon. At the moment it is not possible to sync them to my Apple Watch. Maybe this would be a good improvement?

Thanks you and best Regards

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  • brentybrenty

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    @dhofer76: Indeed. While not all item and field types are currently supported, we'd definitely like to add more flexibility in a future version. Keep in mind that for now you could use a Login item instead, and the TOTP will sync to your Apple Watch. Thanks for letting us know you'd find this feature useful for others too though! :)

  • Please make it possible to see the other fields such as notes when looking at the Apple Watch. For instance, I keep a second password in that section and I would like to be able to see this. Please add this feature to your next update.

  • brentybrenty

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    @ftlum: I can't promise we'll add it in the next update, but we'd like to make it possible to add other categories and fields to Apple Watch in the future. I've merged your post with a similar thread right before it. Thanks for the feedback! :)

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