Does the browser extension work in Edge?

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Don't see any way for me to add it, since it's not listed among the downloadable extensions (you have them for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, but not IE or Edge)

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  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    1Password for Windows modern (the "Windows 10 beta" referred to in this forum's title) doesn't have a browser extension, as Windows 10 "sandboxing" currently prevents that kind of inter-app cooperation.

    I believe a future version of Edge may give us the ability to improve things a bit, but I don't know the details of what might eventually become possible.

    Note: If you're asking about 1Password 4 for Windows, you might want to repost this question in the stable-version forum or the beta-version forum for that product. Thanks, @sthiemann!

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