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Hey guys,

as much as I love the new interface, I found one big problem (at least for me).
If I open an element on my pc, it "hovers" the first field and gives me the option to copy it with on click.
But most of the times I don't need the first field.
So I would request a way to do that faster than clicking on the item I want to copy and then click copy.
One way would be showing a copy button next to all login information or
another would be to add a context menu for right click on an element that gives me the options copy and or reveal.

There you can see what I meant]

Keep things going!

1Password Version: 1Password Beta 3 (2015.12.900)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro (10586.29) on Desktop PC
Sync Type: Dropbox (.opvault)

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  • Thanks for sharing ideas with us @xanatori! Copy was much easier before Large Type were introduced, it was double click/tap on any field to get it copied. I think we need to improve it a bit, to support both Large Type and fast copy options. And it's a good idea to auto focus on password field, which is most desired.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    1Password 4 for Windows shows several icons (including "copy") next to some of the fields in the Details view. Maybe we can take a look at something similar for the beta app.

    Thank you for letting us know your preferences, @xanatori!

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